What Could Have Been

The defunct John McCain campaign has sold much of its used electronics recently and continuing in their tradition of perceived technological incompetence, some of the Blackberries they sold to the public contained phone numbers of Republican party officials as well as some official e-mails and e-mail addresses. They didn't delete them!

They also sold laptops which may or may not have had all of their files deleted but as most people know deleted files on a laptop are pretty easily recovered by someone who knows how to do that.

This group could have been in charge starting this January 20th.


dan said...

It's true - you can easily recover deleted files from a hard drive with the right software.


There is also software available to erase data from your hard drive so that it can never be recovered. Not even by the FBI!


The Idiot Fan said...

but he invented the blackberry. how could he not know how to delete messages from one?

plastic said...

nice spam daniel...