1968 is a pretty pivotal year in the history of the United States, especially pivotal in light of the current (soon to be former) administration in Washington. That President (Nixon) and his gang were (arguably, perhaps) even more corrupt and unethical than the current Bush gang. I think what is not up for argument, however, is the long term negative impact the current administration will have. Nixon, who's crimes were large and who's impact on the public perception of politics and politicians is long lasting, at least had a few (again, arguably) successful moments. Bush has almost literally had no success. The one important exception being that he did oversee a large increase in AIDS help to Africa. Virtually every other area of his Presidency was blighted by some serious failing.

1968 was extremely tumultuous. There were violent war protests, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, thousands of Americans dieing in Vietnam, the election of Nixon.

One more momentous event also took place that year, an event that is still having a powerful impact on millions of Americans....Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the United States. Thanks 60 Minutes.

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