Yes we almost did!

Sadly it looks like my state of residence is going to be red when everything is said and done. The margin is very narrow (approximately 5,000 votes out of about 3 million).

The map is very unsurprising. The two major cities (St. Louis and KC) are fairly progressive and racially diverse. All of the stuff in the middle is mostly rural and very white. Interestingly, this is also how the Democratic primary map looked - Clinton took the red counties and Obama took the blue counties and St. Louis city. Based on this fact, and the fact that a white Democrat (not an incumbent) just won the race for governor by 18 percentage points, it seems fairly logical to conclude that race played a big role in this errrr... race.

We came close, and I'm not sure much else could have been done in the areas that went for Obama. The Obama campaign did a superlative job getting the vote out.

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