Center What?

There's been a lot of talk from Republicans that the country is center-right leaning and Obama should be aware and govern appropriately. Lets take a quick analytical look at this, based on the past few elections.

Clinton/Gore - 44,909,806 votes
Bush/Quayle - 39,104,550
Perot/Old Guy - 19,743,821
Libertarian - 290,087

If you add Bush to the Libertarians you get less than you get for Clinton, Perot was populous, with both traditional liberal and conservative idealogies. So, at best this is sort of a wash. I would say it depicts a center-left sentiment, especially considering Clinton was portrayed as a pot-smoking draft dodger.

Clinton - 47,400,125
Dole - 39,198,755
Perot - 8,085,402
Nader - 685,297
Libertarian - 485,798

Again, lets say you consider all Perot voters to be "center" which is not true because they are a mish-mash of both more liberal and more conservative types. Add 'em up Clinton + Nader > Dole + Perot + Libertarian.

Gore - 51,003,926
Bush - 50,460,110
Nader - 2,883,105
Libertarian - 384,516
Pat Buchanan - 449,225

Again Gore + Nader (thanks Ralph) > Bush + Libertarian + Buchanan.

Bush - 62,040,610
Kerry - 59,028,439

Here is the exception, and remember, incumbent President, two wars, and most of the country didn't hate Bush yet.

Obama - 66,760,924
McCain - 58,279,894

Hello! Not close. Plus, Obama was portrayed as a socialist, militant, terrorist sympathizer not to mention a LIBERAL!!!!! :-0

Looks pretty center-left to me, at least over the last 16 years. Oh and what about the 35 to 45 percent who just don't vote? Think those were Republicans? By the way if you made it to the end of this, get a life.

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