Shut Your Face!

The NY Post had a particularly stupid and revealing headline this morning (Tuesday). It was,

Move Your A$$!

The "funny" headline was huge on the front page and was aimed at Congressional Democrats that the rag accused of holding up the financial bail-out plan offered up by the Treasury Secretary. This is a pretty slick way by the Right (the NY Post, of course, is owned by the same person who owns FOX News, Rupert Murdoch) to shift the blame from themselves to Democrats.

Never mind that the main reason the current financial problems are happening is because of decades long repeals of regulations aimed at keeping the financial sector in check. No, no, its the Democrats fault now for not immediately and mindlessly passing the plan to offer up at least $700 billion that doesn't even exist to formerly multi-billion dollar investment banks so they will not go bankrupt. By the way, the plan to bail these banks out would have absolutely no oversight and has nothing to offer to actual people, like, you know, people who don't work for gigantic financial services companies but are reliant on those banks via 401k retirement funds or home mortgages.

I've heard this whole bail out thing referred to as modern day Socialism....seems a little like a step towards fascism to me...