More Drug War Idiocy

This story is more than a week old now but its pretty unbelievable and telling about the war on drugs. The mayor of a small town in Maryland had a package addressed to him containing a large amount of marijuana. The package was intercepted by authorities and was delivered to the mayor's house by an undercover agent. The package was left on the doorstep while the agents waited. The package was eventually brought into the house by the mayor. The house was then stormed by police, weapons drawned. The mayor's two yellow labs were shot and killed, one was apparently running away from the officers after seeing the other one shot.

Well, guess what? The dust has no settled and the Mayor did nothing wrong! It turns out it is a fairly common technique used by drug dealers to send a package full of drugs to an innocent person and then intercept the package somewhere along the delivery route.

So, there's your drug war. Terrorizing people and killing their dogs. All for a little (ok a lot) weed.

Also, yellow labs are no threat to anyone. Unless you have a little snack in your pocket and you have trouble standing or walking, then they might knock your ass over.

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