Nathan's Restores Patriotism

I'm glad to see any press about the upcoming hotdog eating competition at Coney Island. I'm even happier to see so much. Here are the highlights:

Fox News on the battle between Joey Chestnut, last year's winner, and Japanese Takeru Kobayashi, 6-time champion: "a rematch-- wiener-à-wiener at high noon Friday"

Gothamist on a 10-minute contest vs. 12 minutes: "
some competitive eaters are finding the new rule hard to swallow"

The Brooklyn Paper on chairman of Major League Eating, George Shea's remarks about the contest's new length:

“It’s like the Constitution,” he added. “Are you a strict constructionist or not?”

Shea was asked whether he was.

“I don’t know,” he said. “What’s a strict constructionist about the Constitution? I’m not sure. But on this, I am a strict constructionist.”

But wait, there's more...

Major League Eating on Joey Chestnut's Bib Sheet: "Blessed with strong esophageal muscles and extremely capacious cheeks, Chestnut is widely considered the best chipmunker on the circuit."

Slate on competitive eating injuries: "But Kobayashi's sore jaw deserves all the attention it's getting and more. It is something new to competitive eating: a true athletic injury."

New York Daily News on strategies for winning: "Always dunk your buns," he said.

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Sara said...

I watched this and i have to say i was rooting for kobayashi, i like his mustard hair.