Brooklyn Museum by the Brooklyn Masses

The Brooklyn Museum is doing its part to spread democracy by creating "Click!" a photography exhibit on display until August 10th. The exhibit began as an open call for photographs that capture the "Changing Faces of Brooklyn." Visitors to the exhibition's web site then voted on photographs and the crowd consensus selected the images that would become "Click!"

There's an interesting dissent from Slate about both the photos that were chosen as well as the broad and ineffectual nature of the theme of the exhibition itself. I don't think it makes you a fascist to agree that some of the photos selected were amateur in composition as well as trite and sentimental. But as far as an experiment in crowd mentality intersecting with art, well alright.

Luckily there is an image in the exhibit of one of my sentimentally favorite Brooklyn buildings, the Pippen building at 3rd Avenue and 3rd St. on the Gowanus Canal. Though it's not the image below, courtesy of another blog, you get the idea.