America is Still an Old White Man

It's true, if you were to assign a type of person to each nation of the world, America would be an old white man. As you may have noticed, the "fist bump" has become a "new" cultural phenomenon. Here's a boring story about how the fist bump is making its way through the business world.

Of course the meteoric rise of the fist bump can be traced back to an on-air FOX News reader mouthing the words of some douche-news writer's attempt to portray Barack Obama and his wife's public greeting as some sort of symbol of sympathy with Islamic terrorists.

After the "terrorist fist jab" flap the origins of the fist bump were researched and pontificated upon by people who shouldn't be talking about it. I remember reading a story somewhere about the difference between "dap" and a fist bump, as well as the geographic variations of the term for touching fists.

Is that Bush "teaching" a little terrorist boy about "dap"? Probably, yes.

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