Rapture + Internets = Funny

Check out youvebeenleftbehind your one stop online shop to notify your friends when Jesus comes back and takes you to heaven leaving all your heathen friends and family behind to wonder where the hell you went.

Here's how it works. You pay 40 bucks or so and you get a little online space to store documents (presumably letters to people in your life). Also, you can set up an email message to over 50 email addresses to let people know that your kissing Jesus' pinky ring while they are sitting at work checking their email and reading their friends' cool blogs. The system is automatically triggered when 3 of the 5 designated "team members" fail to log into the system for three days. Then, three more days will pass just to make sure there isn't any funny business. So, 6 days after the rapture your designated recipients will receive an email from you bragging that you were not left behind like their sorry asses.

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