A Governor and an Exorcist

The Governor of Louisiana is a young (37), eloquent and smart politician. Much like Barack Obama, he is relatively new to the political scene but has had a lot of success. Many people have called for John McCain to choose Jindal as his running mate.

My opinion: He would be an excellent choice, exolent!

Governor Jindal is a crazy devout Catholic, and by crazy I mean he has participated in an exorcism...

AN EXORCISM!!!!?!!!?!

This isn't a new story, in fact I heard about it a while back but I just watched the Governor speaking in an interview on the t.v. and his talking about what the people want in a President got me to thinking about what I don't want in a Vice-President: first and foremost no one who believes he has exorcised a demon from a human being. (By the way we've already had an Attorney General who anointed himself with holy oil and substituted Crisco when the good stuff wasn't available)

In the past Jindal's political campaigns have been successful at portraying questions about his religious past as attacks on his religious beliefs. I think it is fair to attack the belief that demons can enter someone's body and then can be exorcised from the person through a variety of ritualistic activities and a shit-load of prayer.

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