Jerk Professor Suing Over Lecture Notes

A professor at the University of Florida, my alma mater, is suing a company in Gainesville, Florida that hires students to take notes and then sells the notes to other students. The company being sued is Einstein's notes. I think Einstein's notes was around back in my day but I don't really recall much because I usually just got high all semester until 3 days before the exams and then bought the notes for all my classes that some nerd who went to class everyday wrote down and sold for money so he could eat or whatever. (Wink!)

When I saw this story on wired.com my immediate reaction was, "What an asshole!". But it got even better when I realized the class he "teaches" is Wildlife Issues. Wildlife Issues was one of those classes that had a reputation for being an easy class, along with other greats such as Exceptional People, Insects, and Making a Sandwich.

I never took the course but I think it was more or less an 8th grade Zoology class. It was a class you took to fulfill a requirement or because it fit into your schedule and because you knew you would get an A.

I think this guy is just pissed everybody keeps acing his easy-ass class.

Below you will find my notes for the course Making a Sandwich: Sammy or Sammich?


dan said...

Who the hell puts butter on a sandwich?

Here's a REAL sandwich recipe:

Mix in a bowl:
* tuna (you can use canned, but I prefer the stuff that comes in a pouch)
* mayo or miracle whip
* diced celery
* raisins
* diced apple
* seedless grapes (cut in half!)
* chopped walnuts
* a tiny bit of curry powder

spread on bread, add lettuce and a slice of havarti cheese.

BOO-YA! Flavor explosions in your mouth.

plastic said...

miracle whip is gross. what kind of bread?

butter is big in old europe.

America said...

Sammich. Definitely. Grilled cheese with pickle relish.