Up Here in the Trees

A new city zoning resolution will require a tree to be planted every 25 feet on streets with new developments and accompanying some types of building additions and conversions. This is all part of the city goal of 1 million new trees.

I have lifted the following fun and important facts about trees from Gothamist who say they lifted it from MillionTreesNYC:

  • One tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.
  • Street trees intercept 890.6 million gallons of storm water annually.
  • They provide $52 million each year in increased property values.
  • They provide food and shelter for many species of birds, insects, and other wildlife.
Too bad the 4 story tall tree that used to shade our apartment was torn down to make it easy for a new shoe store to take out there trash and charge 300 dollars for a pair of sneakers. Speaking of that tree, here is an ode to its beauty written a little while back.