Model Homes in McMansion Community Possibly Destroyed by Environmental Group

Three of four model homes set ablaze this morning on the "Street of Dreams" in Seattle were completely destroyed. The area on which the models were built was recently an undeveloped rural area and wetland. A sign left at the site supposedly indicates the act is the responsibility of Earth Liberation Front. Much of the news media on the topic calls E.L.F. domestic or environmental terrorists. They would, I assume, call themselves activists.

There were no injuries as is virtually always the case when environmental activists engage in direct action.

Here is a one year old Seattle area local news article on the "Street of Dreams" and the concerns some local residents had with the development. According to the article dated March 28th, 2007,

"Neighbors have been fighting the project near Monroe because it's being built on land sandwiched by wetlands and above a drinking water aquifer.

The aquifer serves about 20,000 people. Neighbors insist the project will load their drinking water with pollution, especially since the development will eventually grow to 48 houses."

Here is an article from the same Seattle area news outlet on today's fires.

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