Eat Whale! Wear Fur! Save the Environment?

From Treehugger.com comes this story about the Norwegian-based High North Alliance a pro-whaling group has put out statistics trying proclaiming that whaling is more eco-friendly than raising beef, poultry, and pork in terms of greenhouse gases emitted. Of course, this leaves out the fact that some people may not want to see certain types of whales driven to extinction.

By the way, chopping off my dogs head and eating him for dinner over the next week would probably result in less greenhouse gases than a hamburger I could by down the street but I wouldn't do it cause it's gross and I like my dog. Hamburgers are gross too.

On a related note, a story I missed from November is the ad campaign from the Fur Council of Canada (nice!) titled Fur is Green.

Of course, this fur claim is even less reasonable then the whaling claim. Manufacturing fake furs takes far less energy than farm raised furs and, yes, no animals are killed to make fake furs.

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Fur-Bearer Defenders said...

To combat the Fur Council of Canada’s controversial million-dollar marketing scheme that proclaims a fur-wearer to be an “environmental activist”,
Fur-Bearer Defenders, a Canadian wildlife protection society, has just released a 9-page report, titled "Green Washing: Fur and So-Called Ecological Claims”. To view this report, please visit:


Consumers are urged to be critical of so called “green” claims and report concerns of misleading advertisement to the Competition Bureau of Canada and Advertising Standards Canada.

It is important to realize that the alternative to fur is any and every fabric and textile there is, not just fake fur. Fur is not any more biodegradable, natural, renewable, or recyclable than many fabrics out there.