2008 Q1 Music Report

Here are my highlights of 2008 (so far):

The Dodos - Visiter
Fantastic album, probably my favorite so far this year (and it’s only been out for a week!). It has drawn comparisons to Animal Collective, but I’d say it’s a bit closer to Annuals. One of my friends also said it reminded him of Okkervil River. Whatever...it’s really good, and we can probably leave it at that.

Dengue Fever - Venus on Earth
Band from L.A. plays 1960’s style Cambodian rock music. That pretty much sums it up. There are a few songs in English, but the lyrics are kinda dorky - granted, the ones in Cambodian could be worse, but ignorance is bliss.

Vampire Weekend (Self Titled)
I bought this before it got played to death on the MTV/SNL/Letterman circuit - I swear! I admit that all the "mainstream" exposure did temper my enthusiasm a little bit, but I am not ashamed to say that I really enjoy this album. It’s fun, and you can put it on when you have company over.

Honorable mention:

Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals
This actually came out in 2007, but I didn’t hear it until February of this year. It definitely would have made my Top 10 of 2007 list if I had known, and would compete with The Dodos for my favorite of 2008 (so far). This sounds like 65% Celebration/35% Animal Collective. It’s funny how everything gets compared to Animal Collective.

Albums that are on my list, but I have not heard yet:
Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams
Morcheeba - Dive Deep
Jason Collett - Here’s to Being Here
Beach House - Devotion
This Will Destroy You (Self Titled)

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