US Customs Wants to Check Your Hard Drive

A number of accounts of US Customs officials requesting access to passengers laptops prior to traveling to the United States have surfaced recently. Officials have asked for access to Word files, Internet history, and email. According to this BoingBoing post, one woman, a British citizen, had her laptop confiscated prior to boarding a flight to the United States and never got it back? WTF?

How is this justified? Is this any different than if someones journal or planner were confiscated or read. It doesn't make any sense. Isn't it just profiling?

"Oh, this person looks shady lets see what web pages they visit!"

This is some serious 1984 shit and it pisses me off.

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Max Raleigh said...

Government intervention has gone way to far, what happened to individual liberties and civil rights? The Government does not have an innate right to do whatever it likes, there are certain things that the government should have no right to do. Including entering private property, or demanding personal details (like searching a hard drive).