Sony, You Are Gross

It comes as no surprise that a big record label/conglomerate like Sony would do things that make us a little nauseous, but this little tidbit from a New York Times article had a little extra taste of vomit to it. In what is essentially a fluffy entertainment article about Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show soon, being replaced by Conan O'Brien, the proposed terms of an agreement from one of Leno's potential suitors are laid out like this,

Sony Pictures Television has made an approach through intermediaries to let Mr. Leno and his representatives know that as soon as he is allowed to discuss his next move, the studio will make him a rich offer for a syndicated late-night show that would make him the highest-paid host in late-night television, put his name on a new theater on the Sony lot and give him a financial interest in Sony music artists who appear on his show. (emphasis added)

That little bit about giving Leno money from, I presume, either album sales, touring revenue, or merchandising from musical guests is so gross. Soon, filesharing may take money out of Jay Leno's pocket!

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