Joanna Newsom Endorses Barack Obama

Elven-indie-hipster-harpist Joanna Newsom played at BAM in Brooklyn last night, with memebers of the Brooklyn Philharmonic and then with just her personal band. During the band set the drummer/backup vocalist pulled out an Obama shirt and drew wild applause, rivaling the applause the crowd gave Newsom at the end of the show. Being that the crowd was largely young, white, and probably college educated, it wasn't too much of a suprise that they would react with such enthusiasm. What was suprising was the fact that Obama was even mentioned. The drummer and Joanna Newsom had a little back and forth about Obama. They told a story about playing a show, recently, in Australia and how they relayed the sentiments to that audience of a Hawaiian Member of Congress that Obama is the first citizen of the world to run for the Presidency. According to Newsom and drummer the Australians went wild at the thougth of Obama being the first citizen of the world being the President of the United States.

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