Disgusting Abuse of Power

Here's a little story out of Ohio about some Cops abusing their authority, only this time, no tasers are involved. The incident occured more than a year ago. A women named Hope Steffey was arrested and strip searched by a group of male and female police officers after Steffey's cousin called 911 to report that Steffey had been assaulted. When the police arrived and requested to see identification Steffey handed the officers her dead sister's ID by accident. Steffey kept the ID as a memento in her wallett. What happened between then and the strip search at the jail is unclear. What is clear is that the video of the incident is pretty disturbing. Check out the video and the full story here. Note: the video is disturbing but not graphic.

While the incident itelf occured over a year ago the story is just now hitting the news because of a lawsuit against the officers and the county as well as the unearthing of the video.

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