Video: New Hampshire Recount Chain of Custody Problems

This is a little scary. This has implications unrelated to the results of the New Hampshire primary recount. I do not believe there was any attempt at vote fraud in New Hampshire. I do believe that the security of the ballots for the NH recount was lacking. You'll see in the video how the ballots were stored in two separate places on two consecutive nights. On the second night, the subject of this video, the ballots were not placed in a secured vault as they apparently were the night before. Instead they were stored in a building that was far less secure than a vault. You will also see the officials place some sort of security sticker on the door that would presumably be broken if opened and would indicate someone had gone into the room and would have had access to the ballots. Then you will see the camera crew find a box of these stickers in the same building and then demonstrate how easy it would be pull one of these stickers right off the door and replace it with another one.

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