QTrax Music Service Not Ready For Close Up

We posted about QTrax recently and it sounded great. A new free and legal peer to peer music sharing service, funded by advertisements. We were even going to be able to put the music on our mp3 players, including iPods in the Spring. QTrax was supposed to have deals with all of the major record labels. There were initial snafus with the website and the availability of the service. The player is now apparently available but no music can be downloaded. It turns out there are actually no deals with any of the major labels, yet. Three of the four labels have said they have been in negotiations. So, according to the Wired story it seems that QTraz was mistating its position, I guess everyone will have to stick to the free but moral peer to peer services for now.

legal - established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules

moral - refers to what is judged as right, just, or good

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