New Hampshire Voter Fraud?

I hesitate to even post about this but...

Hillary Clinton won the NH primary last night by a relatively small amount. There is a little swell of activity online about voting fraud in New Hampshire. Most of the stories I have seen about it are from web sites and blogs that have a pretty clear slant, some Ron Paul supporters some pretty far left. The claims, so far, while interesting don't prove any far reaching fraud.

Apparently the ballots counted by the Diebold optical scan machines show different results than those that were hand counted. Clinton has a lead in the Diebold ballots while Obama has a lead on the hand counted. The problem with this as proof of fraud is that, well, on its own it doesn't prove anything. I am not sure about this, but it seems plausible that the Diebold machines were more readily available in the larger cities which is where Clinton seems to have secured her victory. This would account for a wider margin of victory on the Diebold counted ballots.

However, it is the combined results of Diebold ballots vs. paper ballots and the pre-election polls showing a wide lead for Obama that is fraud theorists are pointing to. It is interesting and more will probably come out about it later today.

Here are a few of sources (1), (2), (3)

UPDATE: Here is a pretty astute refuation of the voting fraud claims.

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