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Political campaigns make me very uncomfortable. When I was about 10 I ran for and won the Presidency of Gulfport Elementary School. I was also the Captain of Patrols which pretty much made me a fascist dictator. I mean, seriously, I read the announcements, the lunch menu, led the pledge of allegiance, I got to choose the patrol of the month, hand out demerits for tardiness and other bullshit, I was powerful. So powerful, in fact, that the school changed it's policy to create a separation of powers. No longer could a single individual hold both offices. Seriously!

Anyway, the extent of campaigning for an elementary school executive office consisted of making cool posters (thanks Mom) and, in my case, recording a speech to be played at an assembly I couldn't be at because my family went on vacation.

Real Presidential campaigns do some very weird things to attract attention to themselves. Tomorrow, there will be some sort of Barack Obama march in Manhattan. I have seen comments on numerous blog posts announcing the march that go a little something like this,

New Yorkers for Obama! Forget the Times editorial board -- come out and show your support this Saturday: WALK FOR OBAMA. 11am at 130th and Lenox, Noon at Union Square. Both walking to a 2PM Rally in Columbus Circle.

Man, the thought of that march makes me embarrassed, somehow. I can understand getting excited about a candidate but I just feel like there are certain things worth marching for. If you'll notice, the march seems to be in response to the New York Times endorsement of Hillary Clinton, it's a "we'll show you newspaper!" march.

I have been to one political event in my life. In 2004 I went to see John Edwards speak at the University of Florida along with a ton of other local Democratic candidates for various offices. The thing I remember most about it was how weird the really enthusiastic supporters were. There were also a small group of College Republicans immediately outside of the outdoor rally holding up pro-war and pro-Bush signs. The result was a constant sign battle in which Kerry/Edwards supporters shadowed the Bush/Cheney dudes and blocked the pro-Bush posters with the pro-Kerry posters. You can just imagine the adrenaline that was running through all of the participants veins, and for what? What a waste of adrenaline!

Speaking of waste. How about money? Many people donate alot of money to political campaigns. I just don't get it. There are way too many organizations that desperately need our money who actually do things, today and tomorrow and everyday. They are literally on the ground helping people survive, sometimes day to day.

That's enough. If anybody goes to the Obama march on Union Square take some pictures and send them to me, I won't make fun of you.


beth said...

Well said! I especially agree about donating money to good organizations before donating to political campaigns. There's a place for it, of course, if you feel strongly committed, but I guess i've never felt quite that strongly committed to a candidate.

Captain of the safety patrol, eh?

plastic said...

thats right and i ruled with an iron fist!!