Anti-Whaling Activists Detained by Japanese Whalers

Two members of the Sea Shepherds, an anti-whaling group that engages in direct action to stop whaling efforts worldwide, were detained aboard the Japanese whaling vessel the Yashin Maru. The two activist boarded the Yashin Maru in order to deliver a letter to the captain informing him of that the ship was illegally capturing and killing whales. Prior to boarding the vessel the Sea Shepherds tried to entangle the Japanese ship with ropes and threw acid on to the ship's deck. The Japanese detained the two activists and are still holding them as the Sea Shepherds chase the Japanese whaling fleet.

The Sea Shepherds actions come one day after Greenpeace announced they had successfully forced the Japanese whaling fleet out of hunting grounds they had been in over the weekend. Greenpeace does not approve of the Sea Shepherds aggressive actions. Check out this great New Yorker article about the Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson from a couple of months back.

Thanks to the messenger for passing this along.

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