Holiday Vomit

Something I've noticed over the last few days (note: this post completely strays away from the normal parlance of this self important blog) is a distinct and disgusting vomit scent on Madison Ave between 53rd and 54th St, on the east side of Madison.

There have been legendary smells in the city in the past, the Maple Syrup smell comes to mind. But this is no legend. Its gross and it has more than once lead to my own gag-cough while trying to speed walk to work in order to start work at 8:00am even though I have arrived at 8:07. A few weeks ago a Taxi jumped the curb in that same exact area and crashed into a chain salad and sandwich store, apparently narrowly missing the homeless man who sleeps right next to the doorway. The gag reflex I feel when exposed to the scent causes a few seconds of disorientation, definitely enough time to lose control of a car, especially if you are driving way too fast, haven't slept in 12 hours while talking on your cell phone and listening to loud shitty music.

By the way the vomit smell can't be coming from the homeless man unless he has stored up a life's worth of puke and has now set a large industrial fan to blow it out onto the street.

More on this story as it develops.

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