House of Representatives Protects Gays in the Workplace

Well, it seems as thought the House has finally realized that it is probably a good thing to have protections for homosexual workers from being harassed by their neanderthalish coworkers. 184 members of the House, including 25 Democrats voted against the bill. Undoubtedly much of the rationalized justification for voting against such a bill is a fear of more lawsuits. I'll take a few more lawsuits to stop some moron from taunting his gay coworker, wouldn't you? The Senate will likely bring up a similar bill sometime soon.

The one unfortunate thing about the bill is the language that had to be removed in order to make it more palpable and more likely to pass. Originally included were protections for transsexuals and the transgendered by protecting against discrimination based on sexual identity.

Here is a list of the yeahs and Hell No!s

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