Hey Japan! Eat Something Else!

Japan is set to send a fleet of ships toward Antarctica to hunt 50 Humpback whales. This is the first time since the 1960's that Japan has targeted the protected Humpback whale. Japan claims it needs to perform these hunts, in part, to conduct research on the whale population. Of course, the whales are still butchered and sold to distributors and ultimately restaurants...Whale Burgers, really!

Green Peace has vowed to hunt the hunters and protect the whales by interfering, non-violently, with the fleets activity. Undercurrents, a Greenpeace crew blog, should make for some great and informative reading over the next weeks and months.

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Man, talk about excitement!
Talk about well-aimed adventure!
I read up on the blog, and although life at sea for these guys sounds pretty gross, this is definately a mission i would have jumped on given the opportunity.
sail for whales vs. the Japanese Navy!
I'm going to make a cartoon about this using this image: