Jena 6: Mychael Bell Sent Back to Jail

A judge in Louisiana ordered Mychael Bell to a juvenile facility yesterday for violation of an earlier probation. Bell has a few previous juvenile convictions and the judge, at the prosecutors request, sent Bell to the facility for violating the probation (for his involvement in the schoolyard fight) arising out of those earlier convictions. Doesn't this all seem a little petty? I mean, yeah, the kid is a little troubled but it really just sounds like revenge to me. The DA, Reed "Jesus Loves Me" Walters seems to be doing anything he can to mess with this kids life.

Why did it take so long to do this? Why didn't the DA try to get Bell in the juvenile facility immediately after he was released from prison?

Maybe he was waiting until some of the buzz over the story died down. Maybe incompetence? Maybe he just recently realized he could get Bell back into custody this way. Maybe Jesus wanted it this way. Afterall, doesn't this kid need a little more punishment before we can forgive him. So far he has only faced racism and intimidation from fellow students, followed by racism and intimidation from local government officials, followed by institutional racism in the form of trumped up criminal charges, followed by prison time. One more little lesson ought to do the trick.

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