Buy Radiohead's New Album for 2 Cents

Radiohead's new album In Rainbows will be available for purchase online (not from iTunes) for any amount you want to pay, starting at 2 cents plus a 45 cent* credit card fee.

From the article in PCWorld,

...the decision poses little risk to the band members' personal fortunes. But it could prove to be an interesting case study in how successful a group can be in compelling fans to shun illegal downloads and pay what they think the band deserves.

The album can also be purchased with extra artwork and extra song and some fancy packaging. This is probably not a system that could work for all artists but maybe other highly successful artists will follow suit and give consumers a break and reduce the piracy of their music. At the very least artists could offer their past albums in this manner.

*CORRECTION: the convenience fee for credit cards is $1. The 45 cents mentioned above was supposed to be 45 pence, I think, which would be about $1 with the sad dollar to pound exchange rate. Sorry!

Also, the album will be available on the band's official site on October 10. Find it yourself!

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