The "War on Drugs" Harms the Economy and National Security

A great article from Market Watch discusses 3 economic trends that have arisen, at least in part, from the failed "War on Drugs". Here's what the article says plus some of my own thoughts.

First, the "War on Terror". There is irony that one failed "War On" is now hurting another failing "War On". By treating addicts as criminals and failing to treat the drug trade as "a market" real criminals, i.e., major drug dealers are making huge sums of money while people with addictions are punished rather than treated. The example of Afghanistan demonstrates how the demand for the countries poppy (opium and heroine) has provided warlords and, yes, the Taliban, with an income source and a power base with which to attack and NATO and American troops.

Remember the television and print ads implying that your purchase of a dime bag aids terrorists in Afghanistan!!!

Secondly, prohibition creates a shadow economy which creates powerful criminal syndicates. Because drugs are incredibly lucrative to those controlling their movement into the U.S. the techniques used by drug fueled organized crime syndicates are pervasive and very effective. They have learned how to cross borders in Mexico and Canada with ease and are backed by such large sums of money that they slide easily into politics and policing through bribery and corruption.

Third, the ignored front on the "War on Drugs" is prescription addiction. Big Pharma, as it is sometimes called, which is silly, it's the Pharmaceutical industry pushes drugs on doctors who then in turn are more apt to prescribe these drugs to patients who then become addicted. It may just be me but I would much rather see some regulation on the Pharma-Doctor schmoozefest than police action directed at busting up Medical Marijuana dispensers.

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