Jena 6: More Racism, Less Justice

As reported here a while back a group of black high school students were arrested after a series of racially charged confrontations with white students from their local high school in Jena Louisiana. One of the 6, Mychal Bell, has already been tried and convicted of aggravated assault and faces an upcoming sentencing date with the possibility of serving more than 20 years in prison for what amounts to a school yard fight. The facts leading up to the criminal charges are numerous and a good synopsis can be found in a previous post, right here. In short, the whole story starts with a noose hanging from a school yard tree in an apparent request by black students of school administrators to sit under the tree during lunch along with other students. The tree has since been cut down by the school.

Two of the Jena 6 have had their charges reduced from attempted second degree murder to the same aggravated assault Mychal Bell was previously convicted of. Two other men still face attempted murder charges.

Also, today, a judge in Jena was scheduled to hear arguments on a motion to thrown at the convictions of Mychal Bell.

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