Yearlykos and the Democrats

I am a registered Democrat but I don't consider myself to be a cheerleader. However, one thing worth chering about is the fact that all of the candidates for President on the Democratic side will be attending the yearly convention for the online community DailyKos.

DailyKos is an online diary site consisting of thousands of left wing bloggers who are all free to blog on the main site. It is a pretty left wing group and most of its members are pretty outspoken about the war, health care, and Bill O'Reilly. I mention this to make the point that this influence of the Kos is an example of direct democracy in action. Many of the members of the DailyKos community are like you and me. They are not necessarily involved in specific political campaigns (although many are and the various campaign definitely try to utilize the community to their advantage).

In contrast you have the Republicans who are not even willing to participate in a debate in which the questions come from real people posting their questions via video on Youtube. Honestly, it's kind of a joke that they won't do it. Although, I guess it's no surprise that direct democracy would be lost on them.

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