Kenneth Foster: Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu Call for Stay

Democracy Now is today reporting that former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop of South Africa Desmond Tutu are urging Texas to stay the execution of Kenneth Foster scheduled for tomorrow. Carter and Tutu are two giants of humanitarian action, maybe their pleas will be heard...

Also, Foster's attorney has filed a last minute appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court.

UPDATE: New York Rep. Charles Rangel (D) "shuts the door" on death penalty activists. According to Dissidentvoice.org Civil Rights minded Representative Rangel has failed to come through and speak out against the execution of Kenneth Foster. Dissdentvoice reports on their experience at Rangel's office,

"They didn’t want to let us up at first, but at last Rangel’s policy advisor came down to meet our community delegation. He sat us around a cafeteria table, and explained to us that Rangel was a very busy man, that he hadn’t read the letter and that we hadn’t gotten it to him in time. He explained that whether we liked it or not, Kenneth had been convicted by a real law in Texas, and that Rangel had to be careful what he said about that. He seemed to have forgotten that the fight for racial justice in the US meant overturning “real” laws like slavery and Jim Crow. Unjust laws are made to be broken. Rangel, the man said, had a pile of papers on his desk. This representative of our elected official sat at a table with those who’d been railroaded by the criminal injustice system and had their lives destroyed by it and told them that Kenneth’s case was not urgent enough."

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