Kenneth Foster, A Countdown

This tiny blog is trying desperately to do it's part to bring to light the case of Kenneth Foster, a martyr in waiting for the cause of the death penalty and its vindictive ways. I fear that the way the death penalty has polarized the majority against a very vocal and active minority clouds the specific issue of Kenneth Foster's case. He killed no one! The influx of news and blog items about his case have begun and will continue. I assume his case will soon break into the mainstream media in the coming days as his execution date comes near.

I really think this is something of a seminal moment in the death penalty debate. I do not think that this case will sway public opinion on the death penalty in general but I do think it has the potential to call into question the way the death penalty is used. This is nothing more than vindictiveness. There is no justice here. There is not deterrence here.

Kenneth Foster should not be a free man. He played a roll in an armed robbery crime spree and he should do time for it. Even if you believe in the death penalty as a proper punishment, in this case it is not.

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