Ron Paul

Ron Paul is getting a little bit of publicity these days though his poll numbers don't really show much. I suspect in states where anyone can vote in the Republican primaries and those that have high numbers of independent voters Paul will get some decent numbers. Of course decent for him would be 5 percent or so. Don't get me wrong I would never vote for the guy, he is a conservative despite his leanings on the war.

I noticed that his weekly podcast is the third most popular in the Government and Organizations section on iTunes following only Bush's weekly radio address and the National Park Service cast. I suspect that should the Bush administration and leading Republican candidates for 2008 maintain their insane stances on the war and continue to talk about giving the surge a chance and claiming that the surge is working into the fall months, Paul may see an up-tick and at the very least may get a little more attention and time to speak during the Republican debates. Maybe Paul can continue to harass the super hawks and expose the faulty reasoning of continuing the war.

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